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A Blast from the Past!!!


Way back in 1991, the Turner siblings and their friends presented


An Evening of Music and Entertainment


in St Peter’s Church in Cradley in the English midlands.


The recording of this has just come to light and can be found here for your listening pleasure





Concert of Organ and Choral Music

Armonk, September 22, 2011


Many, many thanks to all who participated in the concert

in St Stephen’s Church, Armonk, New York.


Audio and Video recordings of the event can be found here




To hear recordings of St Stephen’s choir, please click here for Christmas

music or here for music from other seasons


If you’d like to listen Devonshire Hall choir’s 1988 rendition of

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, follow this link


Finally, if you really don’t like music but, instead, would like to see

a few short, very old videos of the kids, please click here